About DCI

About Distinctive Creations, Inc.

Founded in 1996, Distinctive Creations, Inc. is committed to building the highest quality homes, additions, and remodeling projects.

When owner Charles Fruci, Jr. first establish DCI, he set out on a mission to always exceed the highest building standards and use only the best quality building material. We leave "cutting corners" to the other guys.

Our team of dedicated and enthusiastic professionals is committed to exceeding our client's expectations (see testimonials) from our first meeting, through project completion and beyond.

Our reputation is the cornerstone of our success. We have developed exceptional relationships with our clients; many of whom we have built multiple homes or continued to add on to their homes as their families have grown.

Distinctive Creations believes in honesty and integrity and we will always conduct ourselves in a professional and courteous manner.

It is our signature of excellence, pride of workmanship, commitment to quality and always exceeding our client's expectation you can count on.